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Thermal Design Equipments Overview

Thermal Chamber

Thermal chamber and data logger

  • Thermal validation between room temperature and high temperature environment (temp. range: 25 ~ 50 ℃).
  • Test data recorded by Fluke data logger for data analysis.

Wind Tunnel

Fan performance measurement (P-Q curve) to realize the actual fan airflow rate and static pressure.

Fan Life Test Tool

Fan Life Test Tool
(Support axial and blower fan type)
(Fan high and low speed duty cycle test )

Thermal Test Vehicle

Evaluate Thermal Solution Cooling Capability

Mechanism Design Equipments

3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • 3-dimension measurement of X, Y and Z axial.
  • Use electrical probe to precede contact measurement of sample dimensions.
  • Record, edit and run the program are allowed

2.5D Image Measuring Machine

  • Use LED and microscope to precede non-contact measurement of sample dimensions.
  • Measurement on soft, deformable and compact samples.
  • Measure the Point, Line, Circle, Arc and Ellipse with multi-point feature.
  • The functions of Axis-skew and coordinate-shift are convenient.
Thermal Solution Design

Thermal Simulation – Digital Engine

  • Flotherm
  • Predict airflow route and heat transfer behavior
    • Analysis heat transfer (conduction, convection and radiation) and fluid dynamic condition (temperature, pressure and velocity).
    • Display 2D heat transfer distribution and 3D fluid dynamic phenomenon.
Silent Fan Design

Acoustic Concept

Major Noise Sources in Computer

  • Fan of Switching Power Supply
  • Fan of CPU heat sink
  • Housing Fan
  • Disk Drives (HDD, ODD, FDD)

Major Noise Types

  • Air Borne
  • Structural Borne

Acoustic Validation


Multi setting points for better fan speed control

PWM fan speed control

4 temperatures setting points

5 speed setting points

Mechanical Validation- Waterproof

Dynamic Mechanical Design

Electrical + Mechanical integrations

Flexible Mechanical Design

Flexible design for multi display

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