Car: 120

Line / Mode Day Shift Only With Night Shift
L1 (DE) 20K 38K
L2 (SoC/ Tablet) 12K 24K
L3 (LCD/WT) 6K/ 3K 12K/ 6K
L4 (BU) 6K 14K

Equipment Brand Function Picture
3D Meter / Measure precise dimensions.
ROHS Tester Skyray EDX-1800B Check RoHS & Halogen free check frequency : sampling test for incoming material.
RCL Meter Agilent RCL Parts Measure Frequency:40Hz~110MHz
Solder Paste Machine Horizon 03iX(02iX/APiX) (Dek)

Accuracy:+/-25 µm
Cycle Time:( 25µm / 20µm)
16s(14s / 12s )
Max. MB Dimension:
L508 x W508

High Speed Machine CM602-L (Panasonic)

±40 µm/Chip
±35 µm/QFP
±50μm/QFP <=24 mm
0.036 s/Chip(A-2)
0.048 s/Chip(A-0)
0.18 s/QFP(B-0)

Reflow-soldering Machine Flukawa Ten District Heating Lead-free Process
AOI Machine Omron /
Dust-free Room / /
Temperature and Humidity Chamber ESPEC GW-38WGP/1 Test product design and mechanical capability to sustain humidity and temperature change
Thermal Shock Machine CFST-108L Test product design and mechanical strength to sustain environment stress or strain
Vibration Test Machine king-design KD-9363-EM-600F2K-50N120 Test packing to sustain vibration stress
Drop Test Machine king-design KD-128A Test packing material & product protection or strength
Aging Room CFST CFI-3800 Test electronic parts reliability
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